Hopefully you’ll find an answer to some frequently asked questions relating to showreel filming. If not, then get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer any queries you have.

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I'm Dublin based, but can film anywhere. Any filming outside Greater Dublin area would incur travel costs.

Any showreel editing can be done remotely, regardless of where you are.

As a filmmaker, I watch a lot of showreels, so I know what I would like to see, and would approach things with an objective eye and be honest in what is or isn't working. As much as you want the best showreel scene possible, so do I. It's my work that will be on show too, so I'll do my best to serve your performance.

A lot of scenes filmed for showreels can feel quite static, or have a feel of something closer to 2 actors on stage. My aim is to create a scene for you that feels like it's been spliced straight out of a film, with the end goal that it will blend seamlessly with other scenes on your showreel.

On average it takes 3-4 hours to film a scene. This includes time before to chat about the scene, rehearsal and filming the scene itself.

I film 7 days a week, so have the flexibility to work around any schedule you might have.

Ideally, we start filming as early as possible.  If multiple scenes are being shot in the one day, then an early start is essential.
But I understand an early start doesn't suit everyone, so we'll work around what best fits your schedule.

Most scenes are in or around 2-3 minutes in their final edit. Some maybe slightly longer and some shorter. This is all dependent on the needs of the scene.

Filming 2 scenes a day is the maximum. Due to the logistics of other actors, locations, etc, filming more than 2 scenes can lead to issues of time constraint. It's best to keep the standard of showreel as high as possible and not spread our efforts too thinly.

Ideally you want to give as long as possible to facilitate idea generation, scriptwriting and all that's involved in arranging the filming. At least 2-3 weeks at a minimum.

I enjoy a challenge, so let's see what's possible.

Yes, each scene will be written by me. You give me an idea of the character/situation/scenario/genre you'd like to play and I'll go from there.

That's no problem, so long as it's an original script of yours, or a script you have permission to use. Scripts must not exceed 2-3 pages (industry standard formatting).

As with any script I would write, scenes must only involve 1 location and 2 actors. No elaborate action sequences or time consuming special FX/makeup FX.

No. It's not something I do. From your perspective as an actor, filming a pre existing scene inevitably draws comparisons with the original actor's performance. If there's a certain pre existing scene you'd love to play, we could use that as starting off point to write an original piece.

No, but I can help you source an actor if you're having issues finding someone. Who you do ultimately choose to act opposite is best made by you. Ideally, somebody you've worked with before and feel comfortable playing a scene with.

Any more than 2 Actors and the scene starts to get diluted. It's a short piece and best to concentrate on getting the highest quality output possible.

Sounds great, but the majority of scenes I film are in public places, or locations I have access to for FREE. If you have access to specific locations like a pub, office or some other private space, then I have no problem filming there.

We want to control our surroundings as much as possible when filming, so where ever we do shoot, we should steer clear of crowds or "live" locations in order to avoid unwanted audio/visual issues when filming.

I love to shoot action as much as the next director, but the choreography and planning involved is just far too detailed for the time we have to film our scene. Anything that involves substantial planning like action sequence or gore FX unfortunately is not something that can be included in the showreel scene
A slight caveat to this is if you (or your scene partner) have experience in fight/action choreography. In this instance, we can see if there is a scene that could work.

No. You'll have to source these yourself. If I have a specific prop or costume to hand, I have no problem using it in a scene (so do ask!) But beyond that, all sourcing will come down to the actor.

Yes and No. We can film in a car so long as the car remains stationary throughout the scene. For safety reasons and the benefit of your own performance, filming in a moving car is not something I do.

Yes. Your performance reflects on my ability to create the best showreel scene possible for you, so whatever help you need prior to or during filming, I'll do whatever I can to facilitate.

That's no problem. But extra costs will be incurred to cover travel.

You will receive the final master of your scene within 7 Days. If we have filmed more than 1 scene, this will add an extra two or three days.

You will receive the Final Master copy of your showreel scene via a download link.

No. These aren't short films. They are bespoke scenes shot specifically for your showreel, therefore no credit should be attributed to them (or me) on IMDB or similar.

€399 per scene. Full details on pricing click here.

Absolutely. If anything, I would encourage it. Besides saving money, you get to act opposite someone who's as invested in the scene as you are.

Cash, Revolut, Paypal or Bank Transfer. *Full amount to be paid before or on day of shoot*

There are discounts available if you shoot more than 1 scene. Get in touch for more info.

Yes. Although I wouldn't be supplying the script for monologues, but the finished piece would be of a similar production value to the showreel scenes. For more information get in touch.

Showreel edits are €149. You can send on your footage via download link, or send clips from Youtube, etc. Sound/Image quality will be improved upon where possible, and all necessary info/contact details added. The final showreel will be sent via download link. Discounts Available. For more Get in Touch.

No problem. Get in touch though the Contact Page and I'll answer any queries you have.