Showreel Filming

An actor’s showreel can be tough to put together, especially when material doesn’t feature as much of your performance as you’d like. Or maybe you feel like your current reel doesn’t showcase your full range of abilities. As an actor, your showreel is your calling card, and aim to create bespoke showreel scenes that highlight the best of your abilities. Working closely with you to understand your unique strengths and goals, and crafting scenes that showcase your talents in a compelling and engaging way.

The process is simple: start by getting to know you and your work, then develop a custom script that showcases your strengths and filming a scene that looks and sounds amazing. With our custom-made showreel scenes, you’ll have creative control over the roles you play and the stories you tell while being able to demonstrate your range and versatility as an actor.

Below you can find a selection of actor showreel scenes previously filmed. If you have any queries, there’s a good chance I’ve covered it in The FAQ section. If not, then get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer any question you have.